Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

What’s the role of Haifei show? Which is better, Haifei show or photon rejuvenation?

Haifeixiu is a non-invasive skin treatment process. Its main function is to restore healthy muscles, renew metabolic capacity and barrier defense function. After finishing, you will feel that your face is white and bright, and the effect is still very good. The whole treatment process takes 30 minutes. Targeted treatment can also be carried out according to the skin types of different beauty seekers, and personalized skin management and skin care schemes can be designed. It is recommended to try.

Most of the functions of haifeixiu can clean and nourish the skin, and repair bad tissues. Hai Fei Xiu is also a common technology now. It mainly uses some essence, which is used to clean the skin in the way of small bubbles. It can also use vacuum negative pressure to suck out some bad dirty things in the pores.

Which is better, Haifei show or photon rejuvenation?

Compared with photon rejuvenation, the effect of Haifei show is better. Haifeixiu can effectively improve the dark yellow condition of facial skin, deeply clean the skin and make the skin more shiny. Photon rejuvenation can also effectively improve the dark yellow condition of the face, but it is not the strength of photon rejuvenation. Photon rejuvenation is mainly used to treat facial acne.

Eye, nose, forehead and temporal Haifei show and photon rejuvenation belong to different medical and aesthetic projects, and the effects are relatively good. Haifeixiu is mainly used for deep cleaning of the skin. During the operation, it can suck out the oil particles and dandruff in the skin cortex. After deep cleaning, it is treated with photon rejuvenation. Photon rejuvenation mainly uses the principle of strong pulse light emitted by the instrument, which can directly act on the cortex, close abnormal capillaries, enhance blood circulation and achieve the effect of tightening the skin. At ordinary times, patients should also do a good job in water replenishment.

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