What is the efficacy of OPT photorejuvenation? What should we pay attention to after opt photorejuvenation?

Opt photon rejuvenation is to restore the original elasticity of the skin after chemical changes of collagen and elastic fiber molecules in the cortex by using the action of strong pulsed light. Beauty seekers do not have to worry about the side effects of OP photon rejuvenation in the treatment process and will not damage normal tissues, so beauty seekers can treat with confidence. Many skin problems such as small and medium wrinkles, pigment spots, acne, large pores, excessive oil, blackheads, rough skin and so on can be solved by opt photorejuvenation. Opt photorejuvenation is an ideal skin beautifying method at present.

The effect of OPT photon rejuvenation is very good. Everyone’s physical condition is different, so the degree of care for their skin will be different, which will also lead to different degrees of temperature and water shortage. When the face is seriously short of water, the symptoms can be alleviated by water light needle injection, and the essential problems of the skin can be improved by opt photon rejuvenation. It can not only achieve the effect of locking water and replenishing water, but also flatten the fine lines on the surface of the skin.

Opt photorejuvenation is a kind of Photorejuvenation, but its function is similar to that of Photorejuvenation, but it is also different. Opt photon rejuvenation can remove freckles if possible for the beauty effect on the face. Photon rejuvenation is mainly to make the skin more white and make the skin look bright.

Everyone wants their skin to be white and tender, because it can better increase the charm of female beauty lovers. However, in life, some people lack skin care, so their skin is dark, which will affect the overall image, so they will choose opt photon rejuvenation surgery for improvement. The postoperative effect is ideal, which can make their skin more white, and this operation is relatively safe, It is less harmful to the skin, so it can recover quickly.

What should we pay attention to after opt photorejuvenation?

Opt photon rejuvenation can significantly improve the skin with less side effects. It can not only make the skin white and clean, but also reduce pores and remove wrinkles. The recovery time after operation is relatively fast and will not damage the skin.

After the operation, beauty lovers need to keep their skin dry. If dirt appears, they should wipe it in time, otherwise it will cause infection. Stay indoors more after operation, because strong light exposure will cause pigmentation and affect the whitening effect. And after the operation, you should eat some vegetables and fruits, which are irritant. You need to avoid eating, so as not to cause damage to the operation site. We can’t do extreme activities after operation, because a lot of activities will produce a lot of sweat in the body, which will cause great irritation to the treated skin.

Through opt photon rejuvenation surgery, the skin can become more white, and the effect is obvious. However, beauty lovers should determine a more formal medical institution in advance, because the instruments in such an institution will be overhauled by special personnel every day, which can prevent the occurrence of potential safety hazards. However, the doctors here are also more professional and can design a suitable scheme according to the situation of beauty lovers, So as to make the postoperative effect more ideal. In addition, women who become beautiful need to avoid menstruation before the operation.

Photon rejuvenation is a method to treat skin aging by using pulsed strong light. Because it will not contact the skin in the treatment process, this treatment method is very safe. As for the treatment effect, it can greatly improve the problems such as dark skin color, skin pigment spots and wrinkles, telangiectasia and coarse pores. In addition, it can also increase the elasticity of the skin and make the skin younger and more beautiful.

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