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Precautions for laser hair removal?

From puberty, the body grows too much or excess hair, such as too much facial hair, leg hair, armpit hair or too long hand hair. Excess hair is a common cosmetic problem that puzzles women and men. Traditional depilation methods include shaving, mechanical depilation, wax depilation, chemical depilation and tweezers. The common disadvantage is that it is difficult to destroy hair parent material and hair follicle stem cells, and can only achieve the effect of temporary depilation. Although electrolysis and thermolysis can effectively destroy hair follicles, their disadvantages are cumbersome operation, time-consuming, low efficiency, low curative effect, obvious pain and scar. Using modern laser technology can not only achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal or delaying hair regeneration time, but also avoid and reduce the shortcomings of traditional hair removal technology.

How much is laser depilation?

The price of laser hair removal is generally 3000-10000 yuan. The specific price is related to the specific parts of hair removal, and the charging standards for different parts are also different; The price is also related to the equipment or drugs used in the operation. The technical equipment and drugs used in the operation process of different hospitals are different, so the charges are also different

Is best ipl laser hair removal at home ion harmful to human body?

General laser hair removal machines have been certified by international well-known institutions and have been successfully treated for tens of thousands of times around the world. Laser hair removal treatment process is simple and fast; Before treatment, shave off the hair on the surface of the treatment site so that the skin surface can not absorb the laser.

Laser acts on the skin surface through a complex optical fiber transmission system; Laser energy is selectively absorbed by melanin in hair follicles and converted into heat energy to destroy hair follicles, but does not damage the surrounding skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is very safe.

Precautions for laser hair removal?

  1. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid, but use mild skin care formula.
  2. Do not use scrub, alcohol or antiperspirant.
  3. When bathing, avoid showering hot water on the treatment site, and use warm water.
  4. Do not bake sauna or steam bath.
  5. Avoid infection. Don’t swim in the pool or beach.
  6. Do not wear tight clothes or silk stockings to keep the treatment area dry and breathable.
  7. Don’t drink.
  8. During the whole course of treatment: avoid sun exposure and other ultraviolet radiation, and choose sunscreen after treatment (SPF 30)

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