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How much is whole body laser depilation? Is laser hair removal safe?

From puberty, the body grows too much or excess hair, such as too much facial hair, leg hair, armpit hair or too long hand hair. Excess hair is a common cosmetic problem that puzzles women and men. Traditional depilation methods include shaving, mechanical depilation, wax depilation, chemical depilation and tweezers. The common disadvantage is that it is difficult to destroy hair parent material and hair follicle stem cells, and can only achieve the effect of temporary depilation. Although electrolysis and thermolysis can effectively destroy hair follicles, their disadvantages are cumbersome operation, time-consuming, low efficiency, low curative effect, obvious pain and scar. The use of modern laser technology can not only achieve the purpose of long-term effective hair removal or delay hair regeneration time, but also avoid and reduce the shortcomings of traditional hair removal technology.

How much is whole body laser depilation?

The price of laser hair removal is generally 3000-10000 yuan. The specific price is related to the specific parts of hair removal, and the charging standards for different parts are also different; The price is also related to the equipment or drugs used in the operation. The technical equipment and drugs used in the operation process of different hospitals are different, so the charges are also different;

Is ipl laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a relatively safe, fast and lasting hair removal method at present. It does not damage the surrounding tissues during treatment, depending on the hair removal site. The treatment time of each laser hair removal varies from a few minutes to dozens of minutes. Generally, after three to five times of laser hair removal, there are hairy parts such as armpit, front arm, upper arm, chest, big and small legs, outside the bikini line and back, Can achieve safe and lasting hair removal effect. However, remind beauty lovers that as long as they choose a regular hospital for laser hair removal treatment, there are no side effects. The hair removal treatment is comfortable, the effect is good, and can be maintained for life.

Will ipl laser hair removal affect perspiration?

can’t! Perspiration of human body mainly depends on small sweat glands, and freezing point depilation is to sweep hair follicles. Hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent tissues respectively.

Hair grows from hair follicles, while sweat glands are next to hair follicles. The two are not the same thing. Therefore, it will not hurt sweat glands and will not affect perspiration! Look at the picture above, sweat glands and hair follicles are far away!

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