How much does laser depilation cost? The benefits of laser hair removal?

Many girls’ sexual friends have thick hair, so many beauty loving women plan to have ipl laser hair removal in order to get rid of the problem of thick hair. However, before deciding to do laser hair removal, it is necessary to understand the cost of laser hair removal. Then, how much does laser hair removal cost? Please see the detailed introduction below.

How much does laser depilation cost?

Laser axillary hair removal 500-1000

Laser lip hair removal 500-1000

Laser depilation (large) lower leg hair 2000-3500

Laser stripping upper (lower) arm hair 2000-3500

Depilation of private parts 2000-5000

Total depilation 10000-20000

The cost of ipl laser hair removal is mainly related to the following two aspects

  1. How much does it cost to do laser hair removal? The hair removal position is related to the treatment course: the hair removal positions mainly include the face, armpit, back, arm, leg, bikini line and other parts. The hair removal parts are different, and the treatment course required is also different, so the price is also different. If the course of treatment is long, the cost is relatively high.
  2. How much does laser hair removal cost? It is related to the equipment used in the hospital and the level of doctors: the more cutting-edge equipment, the higher the purchase price, and the higher the operation cost. The operation by experienced doctors has higher safety and better effect

The benefits of laser hair removal?

1。 Large square spots can quickly remove hair and speed up processing. The shape of the laser hair removal point is 9 mm square. It can not only quickly and effectively remove the hair removal on a large area of skin, but it can eliminate the overlapping treatment dead zone, which is formed by the traditional laser circular spot.

2。 The advantage of laser hair removal is that the pigmentation after hair removal is very close to our skin.

3。 The advantage of laser hair removal is that hair removal is very careful. The laser can penetrate deep into * * * and subcutaneous adipose tissue, and effectively remove dark hair from any part of the body by acting on deep hair follicles in different parts.

4。 Among all hair removal methods, laser hair removal is a more painful hair removal method. Most people just feel “bouncing with elastic bands”.

  1. The pulse time adjustment time is longer, which can be used for laser hair removal, protect the epidermis, remove hair with different thickness, and will not damage the epidermis.

Does laser depilation damage the skin?

When we hear the word, we always associate it with radiation. Is there radiation during laser hair removal? Experts say: the laser is not a radiation material, it is a laser light source, which destroys hair follicles through the action of light and heat, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Laser hair removal, using the principle of selective thermodynamics, a beam of light laser emission penetrates the skin surface and is absorbed by hair follicles. By selectively absorbing laser energy, the hair follicles are damaged, the hair is no longer long, and it will not damage the surrounding tissue. The process of laser hair removal is very simple, the treatment time is short, and the pain is not obvious.

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