Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

How much does laser depilation cost? Is laser depilation harmful to human body?

Everyone hopes that their skin is clean and white, especially the excess hair on the body seriously affects the appearance and image. Through depilation technology and products, they can achieve a clean and beautiful effect.

How much does ipl laser depilation cost?

In fact, the price of freezing point laser hair removal is related to many factors. For example, the thickness of hair of beauty lovers will have an impact on the price. In addition, different institutions also have some differences in charging standards, because medical institutions with higher qualifications introduce more expensive diagnosis and treatment equipment, and the effect will be more ideal, Such charges will naturally be higher.

Although the price is one of the issues that beauty lovers pay more attention to, they can’t lose big because of small things. They may lose more than they gain by choosing some low-cost but unqualified medical institutions to carry out freezing point laser hair removal and beauty projects.

Is depilation effective for a long time?

One freezing point laser hair removal and beauty project can not achieve the purpose of long-term effective hair removal, but usually after 2 ~ 3 times of diagnosis and treatment, it can well destroy the hair follicle, make the hair no longer grow, and in the process of operation, it will not hurt the skin sweat glands, but also achieve the effect of shrinking pores and whitening the skin.

Is ipl laser depilation harmful to human body?

General laser hair removal machines have been certified by international well-known institutions and have been successfully treated for tens of thousands of times around the world. Laser hair removal treatment process is simple and fast; Before treatment, shave off the hair on the surface of the treatment site so that the skin surface can not absorb the laser.

Laser acts on the skin surface through a complex optical fiber transmission system; Laser energy is selectively absorbed by melanin in hair follicles and converted into heat energy to destroy hair follicles, but does not damage the surrounding skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is very safe.

Laser hair removal is safe and effective

But there may also be side effects

This is related to the laser hair removal equipment and the operation of doctors

You should go to a regular hospital

Ask your doctor to evaluate your hair before depilation

And choose more appropriate laser equipment and better treatment scheme.

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