How many chips does opt hair removal use? Which is better, photon rejuvenation BBL or opt?

How many chips does opt hair removal use?

The common chip model of OPT depilation is 640, and the appropriate model should be selected according to the specification of the instrument. Opt depilation is safe and painless. Generally, it will not rebound or leave scars. There is no obvious damage to the skin epidermis and will not cause damage to the surrounding skin tissue. It can depilate the skin of different skin colors and different parts. After treatment, if local skin has adverse reactions such as redness, swelling and burning pain, cold compress can be used to alleviate them.

Which is better, photon rejuvenation BBL or opt?

Photon rejuvenation BBL and opt have their own advantages, but the effect is relatively good. Photon rejuvenation BBL usually takes light wave energy to act on the deep layer of the skin, which can remove spots and shrink pores, and also help to improve the skin quality. Opt belongs to the upgraded version of BBL, which can usually achieve a better effect of removing red blood filaments and spots. In addition, it also helps to tighten the skin. The effect will be better relatively, but it also needs to choose a suitable beauty and skin care method. We should also choose some skin care products with good moisturizing effect every day. In addition, we should ensure sufficient sleep time and avoid staying up late.

Compared with opt, photon rejuvenation BBL has a better effect. Photon rejuvenation mainly acts directly under the cortex by means of wide spectrum color light, which can also be divided into BBL and opt. Photon rejuvenation opt is also known as perfect pulse technology. The light emitted is relatively stable and can even change the skin quality. After photon rejuvenation, it is necessary to do a good job in skin moisturizing and sunscreen to avoid pigmentation caused by ultraviolet radiation, which is not conducive to the normal color of your skin.

The difference between DPL and opt is the wavelength. Photon rejuvenation DPL belongs to a kind of intense pulsed light, also known as compound light. When treating wrinkles and spots, it can emit light of multiple wavelengths. In this way, it is mainly used to treat red acne marks and pigmentation. After photorejuvenation DPL treatment, local protective measures must be taken to prevent the wound from getting wet in a short time.

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