Does the red and blue light of photon beauty instrument affect pregnant women? Can you do photon rejuvenation during pregnancy?

Does the red and blue light of photon beauty instrument affect pregnant women?

The red and blue light therapeutic instrument irradiates the skin with red, blue and yellow light with high purity and high power density, which can change the cell structure, kill bacteria, provide a suitable environment for newborn cells, enhance the production of new collagen elastin and collagen, and promote cell growth; It can repair the aging skin of inflammatory acne, alleviate the sunburn without damaging the skin, whiten the skin and promote skin elasticity. Do not use it for pregnant women.

Eyes, nose and forehead

Can you do photon rejuvenation during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can do Photorejuvenation, but it is generally not recommended that women do photorejuvenation during pregnancy. Photon rejuvenation is carried out by using the band from visible light to infrared light, which is often non radioactive and radioactive, and has high safety for pregnant women and fetuses. However, some patients will feel heat and pain during treatment. If pregnant women are sensitive to pain or are easy to be nervous, it may have an adverse impact on pregnancy and even lead to abortion. In addition, if photorejuvenation is to be performed on the abdomen or perineum, acne like rash may appear during treatment, resulting in the decline of local immunity and the occurrence of infection. Therefore, Photorejuvenation during pregnancy is not recommended.

Can you shine red, blue and fluorescent lights after doing photon rejuvenation?

After photon rejuvenation, you can’t immediately shine red and blue light, which will affect the recovery of wound. It takes a certain time to recover after treatment. If the next beauty project is carried out too early, it is likely to cause some irritation to the local skin. Moreover, during this period, the skin is usually sensitive and protective measures need to be taken. If you want red and blue light irradiation, you need to wait until three months.

After Photorejuvenation, you can use a fluorescent lamp, but you should avoid strong ultraviolet radiation. Photon rejuvenation is an advanced cosmetic method, which can play a role in weakening pigmentation, improve the expansion of capillaries, repair aging skin, and make the whole person look younger. If exposed to sunlight after operation, it can lead to the recurrence of spots.

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